Restricting access to final assignment until feedback has been completed

A common question we get asked is:

How do I prevent students from submitting their final assignment until the course feedback (Student Evaluation of Moodle) has been completed?

Assuming that you are using the Feedback activity in Moodle to carry out your Student Evaluation of Module/SEM (see our video tutorial on setting up SEM in Moodle), and using a Moodle assessment tool like the Moodle Assignment, then you can make use of the Activity Completion and Restrict Access settings to do this:

  1. First, go to Administration > Course administration > Edit Settings.

 Scroll down to Completion tracking, and enable it. Save changes.

  1. Then, when you set up the Feedback activity, set Activity Completion criteria, e.g. Show activity as complete when conditions are met: View as completed if the feedback is submitted.

    Activity completion

  2. Then, when you’re setting up the assignment, on the Edit Settings screen, scroll down to Restrict access and expand it.Click on Add restriction, and then on Activity completion:

    resrict access

    Then, from the dropdown list next to Activity Completion, choose the name of the Feedback (here it is ‘test’), and leave it as must be marked complete. Save your changes.


Performing in front of the camera

learning resources

Photo: Barry Johnston (@GreenGrounded)

Wednesday 10th June saw the CADARN team arrive at Glyndwr University to help staff in their performance in front of a camera. Included in the workshop was how to write pieces to camera, how to use your location, your appearance, how to perform in an interview and performing a piece. The workshop was very much hands on with a number of staff performing short educational pieces and then all critiquing these performances. The workshop was a great success with staff understanding the importance of always looking at the camera, picking the right clothes to wear, understanding the best place to film and getting to know your interviewee.

If you wish to know more about future workshops from CADARN here at Glyndwr University, contact either Ann or Alicia