Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) have been defined as “teaching resources that are created, usable and reusable freely with as few barriers for the end-user as possible (…). OERs can include e-textbooks, documents, digital images, videos, collections of files, software tools, coherent ‘learning objects’ and whole courses, provided that they are freely available for use, and, importantly, reuse.” (Mossley, 2013, HEA).

Usually OER are in digital format, with a Creative Commons (CC) licence applied, which specifies how you are allowed to use the resources.

At Glyndŵr there is a draft ‘Policy on the Production and Dissemination of Open Educational Resources‘ which is waiting to be approved. However, it states that ‘The University encourages staff and students to create and disseminate OERs‘. This policy is in line with the Declaration of Intent signed by all of the VCs from Welsh Higher Education Institutions in 2013, to embed open education at the heart of their strategies.

In order to encourage the creation and dissemination of OER, Glyndŵr is involved with a number of ongoing projects, including the CADARN Learning Portal project, Glyndwr OER and OER Wales Cymru.

Glyndwr OER     OER Wales ShowcaseCADARN logoFor more information, on what OER are and how they can be used in teaching, learning and assessment, have a look at the links below:


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