Lecture capture

Lecture capture facilities using Panopto software are now available in some lecture theatres and via a mobile unit. The University also has a site license for BB Flashback which is a Screen capture software.


Glyndwr University currently has 10 recording licenses to allow video capture of a range of activities. Panopto will allow us to:-


Record and Webcast

The software allows the user to record and live broadcast presentations, lectures, product demonstrations, training videos, screencasts and a lot more.

Manage Video Content

It includes a video content management system for importing and editing videos, searching within them and viewing them on any device.

The advantages of capturing a lecture on video is it allows student freedom and flexibility, by allowing them to recap on the lecture they have attended. If a student is unable to attend a lecture, they can still have access to it. Studies by other Universities have also shown increasing the number of times a student listens to a particular lecture can increase their pass percentage.

Make videos publically available

Once created you have an options to make the video available to your students via Moodle, or public via Facebook or twitter. Alternatively you can make the video available via YouTube.  However, remember if you are making the video public, it needs to meet copyright regulations. If you are unsure about copyright and videos contact the Learning resources team who will be happy to help.

To access Panopto enter http://glyndwr.hosted.panopto.com into your browser.

Things to consider before creating a video

What content of your lecture is from an external source? Are you able to use it legally? Are you adhering to Copyright Legislation?

For additional information with regards to Copyright, see Learning Resources, Copyright.

Useful documentation to read before recording

Top Tips for videoing lectures

Form for capturing lecture

Setting up Panopto to record

Lecture capture

Presentation for Panopto training session, given on 19/02/15

How to use Panopto

Video of workshop given on 21/5/14

Using Lecture Capture and E-Learning in Higher Education

In this video, Gareth Hall of the Psychology Department at Aberystwyth University discusses his use of lecture capture and his student’s reactions to it.



Panopto and Me – an Academic’s View

Blog post from Dr. Gareth Hall, Lecturer in Psychology, Aberystwyth Universty, on how he uses Panopto in teaching and learning.

For additional information or help and advise contact Ann or Alicia


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