What is Screencasting?

Screencasting is recording what is happening on your computer screen, as well as any audio. See our introduction to screencasting below.


Facilities at Glyndwr University to screencast

bbsoft-logoThe University now has a site license for BB Flashback  screencasting software which allows you to record your screen with audio. You could use this to record a lecture, give a tutorial, show students how to use your VLE site or provide audio feedback.

Recordings can be uploaded to the VLE as flash videos (.swf) or uploaded to YouTube. There are a number of advantages to uploading to YouTube: the file is sitting on the YouTube server, and it is also more accessible for students with handheld devices, particularly Apple devices like I-Pads which are unable to view Flash objects.

However, for student feedback you need to keep this private and we would therefore recommend saving as a Flash file and sending to the student as a ‘response file’ within an assignment. Do not upload student feedback to YouTube.

Here are some useful guides to using screencasting.

JISC Infokit on screencasting

Comprehensive guide to the creation and use of screencasts

Screencasting with BB Flashback – comprehensive guide to using BB flashback.

BB Flashback Guides

How to record – Video tutorial from BB Flashback on how to record a screencast using BB Flashback.

Editing and Annotating – Video tutorial explain how to add text boxes ‘click to continue’ areas and images to your screencast with BB Flashback.

More Video Tutorials – More video tutorials from BB Flashback on Editing, Recording, Sound and Exporting.

For additional information or help and advise contact Ann or Alicia




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