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Good Practice

Good Practice at Glyndwr University

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 “The University makes good use of its strong and extensive expertise in the development and delivery of e-learning methods”

(QAA, Institutional Review, March 2013)

The Quality Assurance Agency conducted an Institutional Review of Glyndwr University in March 2013 and their report identified our use of e-learning as a strength.

The report states:

“The University provides a small but growing number of programmes that combine traditional, campus-based, face-to-face teaching with online learning and teaching through its virtual learning environment. The development of these programmes has been assisted by the Postgraduate Certificate in E-Learning. Specialist support is available from the CLTA, which offers staff development workshops in e-teaching and supports an informal network of those with skills and interests in e-teaching, some of whom have over 10 years of experience in the delivery of these programmes.” (Page 18)


“The review team concluded that the University’s good use of its strong and extensive expertise in the development and delivery of e-learning methods is a feature of good practice.” (Page 19)

The QAA Report is available at http://www.qaa.ac.uk/InstitutionReports/reports/Documents/RG1159GlyndwrE.pdf

Following demand from students completing the Postgraduate Certificate in E-learning, that programme has now been extended and enhanced to create the new MSc Learning and Technology which will welcome its first cohort in September 2013.

The MSc is delivered entirely online which enables students to study flexibly and at a time and place of their choosing.

Details of the MSc can be found at:


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MSc Learning and Technology

MSc Learning and Technology



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News of the new MSc Learning and Technology must be spreading as applications are already coming in for September start. Building upon the successes of the Postgraduate Certificate in E-learning [PGCEL] (‘This PG Cert in eLearning is of a higher standard than many others offered in the UK’  and ‘The curriculum offered in this programme is superior as it mixes theory and practice.’ External Examiner Report 2011-12), and in response to student demand (‘Get that Masters written so there is somewhere to go :-)’ Student comment 2012), the programme will enable students to explore in more depth aspects of technology-enhanced learning.

Delivered entirely online and designed to accommodate professionals in a range of working contexts, the programme facilitates cross-sector and cross-disciplinary interactions; students and tutors learn with and from each other. Perhaps the greatest success of its predecessor, the postgraduate certificate, was that it facilitated the development of ‘communities of practice’ with individuals from higher education, further education, schools and those in the public and private sector working and learning together. Underpinning the programme is the philosophy of ‘social constructivism’ and the programme team embrace the concept of people coming together to learn together. It really was a joy to see students sharing practice and developing innovative approaches to using technology to support their learners in such diverse contexts.

Another striking feature of the PGCEL has been its ability to attract guest speakers from around the world; notable guests have included George Siemens (Athabasca University), Howard Rheingold (MIT and Berkeley), Michael Henderson (Monash University), Tom Wambeke (United Nations College, Turin) and many others. Students on the programme have been able to listen to these great speakers from the comfort of their own homes; albeit for some, more distant speakers, at rather odd hours of the day (one of Michael’s talks was at 9 am on a Saturday morning)

As I shift through the applications I have been especially pleased by the number of ex-PGCEL students returning, in some cases two years after they completed the certificate and I am really excited by the prospect of teaming up with them again.


So, if you are an ex-PGCEL student reading this, we would love you back. You can find details about the MSc at http://www.glyndwr.ac.uk/en/Postgraduatecourses/MScLearningandTechnology/

Come and join some old friends.

If you are not an ex-PGCEL student, we would still love to have you join us.